Activity eBooks for Kids

Activity Books For Kindle and Kindle App for iPad or iPhone

Little Buggies ebook for children  amazonbestseller

Little Buggies:  A fun interactive book where children guess which insect will be revealed on the following page.  Colorful illustrations and rhyming text.


Peek a book Jungle ebook for children amazonbestseller

Peek-A-Boo Jungle:  Can you guess who is hiding in the jungle?


Where is baby ebook for children

Where Is Baby?  Baby is hiding…where can she be?  Children can make their best guesses from the clues given.

Who is blue at the zoo ebook for children

Who is Blue At The Zoo?  Guess the zoo animal from the super close up clues.  Each animal is revealed on the next page.

who is hiding on the farm ebook for children

Who Is Hiding On The Farm?  The farm animals are hiding, but clues are given as to who is who.  More guessing fun for the little ones!

Peek-a-Boo Garden ebook for children

Peek-A-Boo Garden:  Who is hiding in the garden?  A puppy, butterfly, ladybug, frog and more!  Bright and colorful photo illustrations make this one a favorite!

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